Odo-Rite Pet Area Freshener – 200 ml

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  • Deep Action and Tough Odor remover in Kennel / Pet area
  • Pet friendly and keeps your loved one in a safe and natural environment
  • Non- toxic, contains no chlorine or other harmful chemicals
  • Eliminates odor in natural way, Bio – Degradable and Eco – Friendly and Transfer the content to fine mist spray bottle and use
  • Having a pet and keeping the home clean is quite a challenge. The odour still lingers on, no matter how hard you scrub. Odo-Rite presents a remarkable solution in eliminating the urine smell of your pets. One of the best advantages of our odour remover- is that it is safe to use around your pets.

Odo-Rite presents a novel solution for maintaining a clean and healthy environment for pet parents. It is a quick and effective solution to remove the bad odour caused by dog or cat urine. The places used by your pets give way to malodor sometimes. It is a prevalent problem faced in pet dwellings. This product counteracts all the bad aroma by actually removing the bad odour. The freshness comforts the surroundings and offers a pleasant environment. Odo-Rite does not produce any harmful side-effects for anyone and is free of chemicals. It is easy to use and works quickly. Odo-Rite is a water-based formulation and is Bio-degradable. It can be used in all kinds of fabric and is safe for People, Pets, and the Planet.


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